KOTO at Kumho Link

Welcome to KOTO at Kumho Link!


A visit to KOTO Saigon Restaurant makes a visit to this city a memorable one.


Retreat from the bustling city of 10 million people, to KOTO Kumho Training Restaurant, located on the breezing and green top floor, rooftop of The Link at Kumho, KOTO’s new modern Training Restaurant.


Be mesmerized by the calm and welcoming atmosphere.


Enjoy a glass of wine, relax and let our kind, professional and knowledgeable English speaking staff take care of you.


Come on a culinary journey and enjoy the aroma and the flavours that our chefs have created.


Experience the sensuality of our flawlessly prepared Vietnamese and Southeast Asian specialities along with Belgian and French inspired dishes.


We’re always one step forward, keeping an eye on new influences from around the world.


KOTO Saigon Restaurant takes food seriously.



Our menu is tempting.



Our starters are tantalizing.



Our desserts are irresistible!

Opening Hours Restaurant:

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM



+848 3822 9357



+848 3822 9367


















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KOTO at Kumho Link -a Training Restaurant Profile


  1. KOTO is Vietnam’s leading, not-for-profit social enterprise since 1999 with holistic training and empowerment programmes serving at-risk and disadvantaged you
  2. KOTO Training Restaurants have served guests from all over the world, and are pivotal in spreading worldwide recognition of KOTO’s mission and vision.
  3. Our new, flagship Training Restaurant, KOTO at Kumho Link, serves as a platform for KOTO trainees to gain professional skills in hospitality and culinary arts, while at the same time providing visitors with unique dining experiences.
  4. KOTO at Kumho Link features a mix of open-air and indoor seating areas suitable for individual or group dining, on the 3rd floor of the Kumo Link complex, at Kumho Asiana Plaza Saigon, 39 Le Duan Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
  5. KOTO is excited by the partnership with Kumho Asiana Plaza Saigon as it serves to signal KOTO’s growing recognition in the social enterprise sector and Kumho Asiana Plaza Saigon’s deep support of KOTO’s vision, mission and values.
  6. Proceeds from KOTO Training Restaurants and other revenue-generating KOTO Social Enterprise activities (such as catering) directly benefit KOTO Foundation and its training, development and welfare programs, which serves as a leading voice in growing awareness of the transformative power of social enterprise to break the cycle of poverty.