Shabu Kichoo

Welcome to Shabu Kichoo!


Kichoo JSC comprehenses two brand names, one is Shabu Kichoo restaurant chain and the other one is Chooki Buffet restaurant chain.

We have the expectation to serve delicious dishes to customers, focused on healthy ingredients. After all, health is the most precious thing that everyone desires to obtain.


Shabu Kichoo mainly serves Japanese hotpot and BBQ food.


Shabu Kichoo has more than ten flavors of hot pot, satisfying any demanding customer.


Especially our Kichoo ginseng hot pot where the main ingredient is nourishing fresh ginseng, providing every customer a lot of energy benefiting their health. With the slogan “Warm up your taste” and the serving motto “Healthy food”, Shabu Kichoo commits to serve our customers with high quality food, and excellent service!


Chooki BBQ & Hot Pot Buffet is served as a Buffet Restaurant but right at your table.

Opening Hours Restaurant:

Daily 11:00 AM – 10.00 PM


+848 3824 6111



+84 916 250 220










Shabu Kichoo

It is convenient to order and enjoy the Chooki exclusive flavor in BBQ and Hot Pot.


Moreover, the BBQ and Hot Pot serving chain is equipped with induction cooker, which are modern, convenient and safe for customers to make your visit memorable and your experience a happy one.


These are our prominent serving points of our restaurants.


Shabu Kichoo & Chooki Buffet restaurant chains always serves all customers in a professional, hospitable and happy manner.


Furniture in each store is decorated luxurious and modern in tones of red and black that represent success, prosperity and Japanese spirits.


We offer nice meals and airy spaces, which should make you feel comfortable.


We welcome a large number of customers everyday, we assure that you will be satisfied when you come and dine with us.